Hi Everyone, It’s a stressful time for us all. I have decided to close the studio until there is a return to relative normality, whatever that might be!


All classes can be bought in blocks of 3 for £30. If you have a prepaid equipment block, you can use this (1 equipment session gives you 2 online classes). All classes utilise everyday household items to enliven your class. Private sessions are available for a cost of £40 or 2 equipment sessions from your card, contact Vanessa for times.


Everyone stay safe and look after yourself and others as best you can. Hope to see you online!


Vanessa XO


Click below to buy a private class:




Group Online Session


Time: 9-10am

Pilates with a chair… a mid level class with some balance challenges and good upper body work out







Group Online Session


Time: 9-10am

A dynamic class to wake you up for the weekend




Time: 10-11am

Feldenkrais, for strength and calm in these interesting times.



Group Online Session



A challenging class which borrows from dance technique, with movements which flow from one to another.



Group Online Session




Time: 10-11am

A slower moving class, ideal if you have any aches and pains or if you are new to Pilates





Time: 6-7pm

Beginner/ intermediate level, ideal for reinforcing basic Pilates principles




Time: 7-8pm

Advanced class, ideal for those who want a challenge.